PostHeaderIcon Why am I always sweating & cold when I sleep?

When I sleep, I’m freezing all night, and sweating at the same time! That doesn’t make sense, you should sweat when you’re warm!

What am I doing wrong? It happens regardless of what I wear. Turning down the heating keeps me from sweating but makes me even colder!



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  • yogiji says:

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  • Matt says:

    You should try to make sure the room is constantly cool all night. Whether it’s a sticky summer night or a freezing cold December night, the temperature in your bedroom can have a great affect on your sleeping. If it’s too hot then try using thin linen sheets or having a fan on to move air around the room. For those cold nights try a thicker quilt or even a room heater. A memory foam mattress can also help since they conduct heat away from your body and keep your temperature even throughout the night.

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